Diabetes in cats, here’s how to prevent it!

Diabetes is becoming more common among domestic cats. 1 to 1.5 percent of domestic cats suffer from diabetes. A high percentage, which unfortunately continues to rise. What can you do to prevent diabetes in your cat? And how to help your four-legged friend with diabetes? We explain it to you! What is Diabetes? Diabetes is

How our cat sees us

The relationship between cats and human beings is very intense and particular, completely different from that which is established between man and dog. The cat is an independent animal by nature but at the same time, especially if used as a puppy, he can see the man who took care of him as a reference

Why cats eat wool

It is not known for certain why some cats love to eat wool and yet those who have a cat with them know well what their behavior is. Dresses, sweaters, sofa covers, and other types of fabrics are surprisingly found with showy holes, without imagining that the creator is precisely the house cat. The cat

Plants toxic to cats

When you want to create an atmosphere at home or in the garden by putting some beautiful plants and beautiful flowers, maybe you don’t think about it immediately: are the chosen flowers and plants safe for the cat? Which plants and flowers can be dangerous for your cat and which are harmless? Here is some

Allergies in cats

Does your cat sneeze often, or does it stop scratching? Maybe your cat suffers from some allergy. Here are the most common symptoms and causes of allergies in cats. Symptoms The most frequent symptoms of allergies in cats are: • Sneezing, coughing • Sore skin • Eye discharge • Itching in the ears/ear infection •

Correct bad behaviors in cats

Do you want to educate your cat to litter, not to scratch rugs and furniture or not to bite? Here are our tips! Correcting bad behaviors in cats: how to do it In the case of bad behavior in your cat, it is first important to understand the reason. There is always a reason why

My cat scratches the furniture, what to do?

Scratching is a natural behavior of cats. It helps them sharpen their nails, stretch by sinking their claws into the carpet or use them to play with you. Does your cat scratch the furniture? He probably misses the scratching post. Here are some tips to prevent the cat from ruining your furniture by scratching. Attractive

One or two cats in the house?

Cats are called solitary animals, which need no companionship. But it’s true? And is it better to have only one cat or several cats keeping company? Here are our tips. The disposition of the cat Cats are known for their autonomy. But even if they’re not always as affectionate as dogs, it doesn’t mean that

Socializing your kitten: how?

Socializing your kitten is important in enabling it to become a confident and happy adult cat. Good socialization means that the kitten is accustomed to other animals, to human people, and to the noises that surround him, without becoming anxious or aggressive. It is therefore important to socialize your kitten well! Here’s how to do

6 tips to interpret the cat’s behavior

A cat that begs you, rubs your legs, or overloads you with cuddles. The behavior of cats is fascinating and sometimes surprising. But what does your cat want to explain to you? With these six tips, you will learn more about your cat’s behavior and learn to recognize the cat’s special behaviors. 1. Knowing how