6 Best Android Games (October 2018)

Shelby Lyn


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As Android is the most popular mobile platform, it becomes a base for launching more and more games. Today we see more new games than productivity apps, because this market is much more open to innovations, and they’re easier to offer. We have selected six of the new games that we consider the most interesting for now. Paid and free, puzzles, quizzes and sport simulators, they are the best of what Google Play offers this month.

Monster Hunter Stories

In a world where most people are afraid of monsters, some have learned to live with them side by side, tame them and become kind of symbiotic. You are among those chosen ones. Find your Monsters, recruit more and more, learn their abilities, and meet in battles with other Monsters!

The difference is you don’t have to roam the street in search of legendary Monsters, as they are not Pocket ones. But the rest is very similar to another Japanese monster story: you hatch eggs, grow your creatures, and then let them out onto the fight arena.

The most attractive about Monster Hunter Stories is that you only pay once. The price is $19.99 (rather expensive for a mobile game), but you’ll see no ads and have to make no IAPs.

SEGA Pocket Club Manager

Soccer management games are a special class. Sega has released its Club Manager for Android, finally, and it’s available in English!

Like most sports manager simulators, this game has four basic elements: club management, players training, financial affairs, and infield football. The latter seems the hardest part for mobile recreation, as all the moves need to be remade for touch controls. But in this game you don’t have to intrude at all; your ballers do the playing as you set them up to.

The rest is quite basic for games like this. You start with a small club and progress up to the sky with it. As the device is in your pocket, you’ll have an opportunity to be online and alert at any time.

Layton: Curious Village in HD

If you like adventures and quests, Professor Layton is not the character to miss. His adventures in the Curious Village are a real brain-test as a quest. The game is, in fact, a shell for more than a hundred separate puzzles you need to go through.

We’ve seen these apps before, combining different mini puzzles quite mechanically. Professor Layton is cool because he keeps all this stuff together with a storyline and unified esthetics. The game has been redesigned for modern HD mobile devices, and it looks quite gorgeous (what other puzzle developers tend to neglect).

The puzzles are well drawn and animated, so they’re an eye-candy to enjoy and a brain-nutshell to crack at the same time. The game is paid, but it grants quality. If you want to, you can evaluate other Layton games by the same developer and see the quality.

Hooky Crook

Tell it honestly: do you miss that physical puzzle boom that was there in the early 2010s? It brought some epic games, including Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Where’s My Water?, World of Goo, and others. But games of this sort still appear in 2018. In Hooky Crook your character is a cat burglar, or rather a burglar cat, getting away with what’s stolen.

The game offers a simple one-touch control system, and all you need is perfect timing to calculate your actions. You get a story full of sneaking, dodging, bouncing, sneaking, using hooks to enter the room unnoticed and reach the treasure. Each new stage brings something new. The game is structured, and any level is supposed to take little time, and each level is highly replayable due to the score system. So it’s a perfectly casual way to kill a minute or five.

Tomb Survivor

Though the name resembles something a lot, there’s nothing in common with Lara Croft saga. Yes, it’s a dungeon crawler, but the gameplay is mostly about solving puzzles and escaping traps. There is a little bit of action, but not so much of it. Your character is exploring tombs, searching for the secret of eternal youth hidden by King Liu An. And he’s no Professor Layton: his traps are lethal, and puzzles are crucial for your life.

The game is yet in its beta testing phase, so smooth installation is not guaranteed. If you use some exotic more or custom ROM, you better wait until the stable edition is released.

Millionaire Trivia: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Well, and this one is quite official. Surely you have watched this show at least once (or you may because it’s still on air), or at least seen Slumdog Millionaire with a storyline based on this TV show. And if you have, you must remember that feeling when you know the correct answer but can’t use your knowledge. Now you can.

The game is based on the famous TV quiz, so you need to select the correct answer to the question out of four options. The further you get, the more complicated are the questions, and the more sophisticated the selection. You need to get over your random opponent to win the prize and to answer as many questions as you can to add to your score. There are also game coins, mystery boxes, items to collect and other stuff we hate-and-love in online games.

As you look at any of these games, you’ll see a surprisingly (for Android) a small number of installs. No wonder: these ones are fresh. So be among the first to taste them! If we missed any of the new games worth some attention, you can mention it to us here.