Candy Crush Maker Debuts Stellar: Galaxy Commander

Erik Peterson


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Candy Crush maker King seems to be trying its luck beyond the match-three puzzle genre. While a new mobile game called Stellar: Galaxy Commander still uses some matching gameplay mechanics, it also throws a combination of real-time PvP battle and strategy into the mix giving players more excitement as they are engaged in a quest to smash space enemies. If no human opponent is available to play against you, the game will automatically pit you against an AI-controlled one.

In this multiplayer game, you become the commander of your own fleet, who has to destroy the foes and protect the ships by strategically arranging them. As you proceed with your journey, the game lets you recruit heroes who will help you annihilate your enemies and increase your digital rank.

Along with real-time PvP matches, Stellar: Galaxy Commander includes several features that allow you to upgrade your fleet by unlocking hero cards and collecting ship cards. You will also gather your crew and move on through five galaxies, join time-limited seasons, and win glorious space battles. The developers claim that although Stellar: Galaxy Commander is easy to play, mastering it shouldn’t be a walk on the beach.

The bad news is the game is currently available only in Indonesia and the Netherlands, where it can be downloaded for free of charge. It is not clear, yet, whether King is planning the wide release as the developer has a track record of experimenting with games that have never made it to the market.

Also, while the game is free to play, it includes in-app purchases that are seemingly the only way King is attempting to monetize its content. The company also announced to be developing a Call Of Duty mobile spin-off, indicating its intent to try other game genres as well.

An update on the King's endeavors may follow later this year.