King Crusher – An Unusual Roguelike from Ankama Games

Shelby Lyn


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It turned out that there are even more fans of the Ankama studio than one could ever have thought. And especially for them, as well as for all fans of various adventures, the company prepared a new project called King Crusher.

This is a mixture of RPG and puzzle with roguelike elements. You play as an ambitious king who wants to become the ruler of all kingdoms, and in order to do this, he sends his troops on a journey against competitors. The graphics are very simple, but high-quality animation in the style of the best pixel indie games catches your eye.

The game is available free of charge, includes loot boxes, and in-app purchases.

About the Game

King Crusher is a unique role-playing game that combines concepts from several genres to offer you a completely new experience. This game challenges you to bring your king to victory by defeating the rest of the rulers in this unique medieval world.

The fight is definitely the pinnacle of the gameplay. There is a tiny group of heroes that you must move around the grid to win the battle. Although the attacks are carried out automatically, each type of character has its own range, so you will have to put them next to enemies if you want to defeat them.

You will move your units in real time by changing their position on the grid. But remember, you don’t just need to move them to attack, you also have to do it in order to dodge the attacks of your opponents. In addition, when they collect enough energy, they can perform special attacks. For this, simply click on them.

King Crusher is an interesting and unique game that really looks charming in pixel art style. Simple gameplay is perfect to invite you to explore the area during your first missions, but you need to master it if you want to keep moving forward. There are 12 types of characters, each of which has its own skills, and there are over 60 different events when you can choose the path your journey takes.


From all eternity, it has been established that the word of the king is the law. Therefore, if he ordered the destruction of all the enemies in the area, then you have to carry out his order even if it threatens your health.

Therefore, you should collect heroes and adventurers from ten different classes and send them to fight. Each class has unique tricks and can attack from a different distance.

A grid of 3x3 will be available for the battle. It will fit three of your squad. Even though that seems like not enough, this way, you will have the opportunity to see the places where the enemy will attack and take manoeuvres to evade these attacks.

Also, on the way to the bosses, you can find taverns for recruiting, tombs with relics, shops, and much more.

Every time the battle is about to happen, there will be a signal. However, you need to quickly move your fingers to keep up with the attacks because you’re the one assaulting these enemies.

Sometimes you won’t be able to defeat all the enemies, and you will have to work through the starting adventures to get enough currency to be able to unlock some of the content.

Moving from one adventure to another, you will be able to unlock new characters using different loot boxes. You can buy them with the in-game currency or through the in-app purchases that can cost up to $64.99. You don’t necessarily need to purchase them unless you want to progress quickly in the game.