One of the Best Pokémon GO Players Suspended for 30 Days

Shelby Lyn


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 OK. We all need a vacation from gaming sometimes, no matter what it is, but when it’s forced, it’s called a “suspension”. That’s what happened on September, 29th to Brandon Tan, known as a top Pokémon GO player since the game launch. The reason of this decision by Niantic remains unrevealed.

Brandon Tan has a lot to lose. His personal XP level by August 2018 has reached 600 million, and his Twitter account is read by about 28K followers. So when he first tweeted about suspension, he hinted that he might leave the game forever because of this. But no, Pokémon GO won’t let go that easily. So even after suspension, Brandon said to take part in a hunt, just to support his teammates.

Well, after a week of suspension Brandon still keeps hunting, though not with his own account. It seems like he’s just on his routine road again. Previously he’s been noticed at providing catch services. For example, he offered his assistance in catching Legendary Pokémon. Niantic user agreement doesn’t allow this kind of service. But it hasn’t been announced officially, though, be it the reason, Niantic would have emphasized that even the greatest stars won’t make an exception.

Brandon Tan hasn’t specified the game he would have switched to after the suspension. So probably he sticks to Pokémon GO, accompanying other players. Maybe he has some alternative accounts (as his Twitter followers suppose), though he would get noticed playing during that week. Pokémoning man is easy to recognize, you know.

Right before the suspension, Brandon managed to catch a huge batch of Mewtwo, one of the most powerful Pokémon so far. He spent about 15 hours a day on raiding. Hope this top player won’t waste the vacation month he suddenly got.