Selected regions get critically-acclaimed Monument Valley for free

Shelby Lyn


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Ever since the mobile device was invented, we looked for entertainment in some way or the other. Whether it was listening to music or playing the simplistic “Snake”, mobile devices have come a long way in terms of entertaining us. With today's technology being so far advanced, mobile gaming has taken on a new face - and for the better. There are literally thousands of games to choose from ranging from action to adventure and puzzle to casino, and everything in between. One name that stands out is Monument Valley - and it seems to be available for free in some regions right now.

Released back in 2014, Monument Valley has seen its popularity shoot up significantly over these passing years. Even though the game carries a minimalistic design, it is beautifully created. This is unlike any puzzle game out there and truly delivers an experience that lasts. The physics, features, visuals, and sounds perfectly match the gameplay. Given its popularity and perfection, Monument Valley comes with a price tag of $3.99 which is a lot for people who like their games for free. Luckily, the game is now available for no cost at all in some countries such as Hong Kong, Russia, and Brazil.

India, Indonesia, Mexico, Serbia, Taiwan, Argentina, and Macedonia are the other countries that enjoy Monument Valley for free while the US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, European countries and South American countries still face the $3.99 price tag. Although there was never any official announcement from the developers about this brilliant offer, users in these areas can head into Google Play and download the game for free. Last year, Monument Valley 2 was released and carries a $4.99 price tag.

If you have ever heard of or played Monument Valley, but never wanted to buy it for your own device, this is probably the best chance for you to own one of the most critically acclaimed games available online - for free.