Clash Royale: Everything We Know About Its Biggest Ever Update

Shelby Lyn


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For a few years now, Clash Royale has been one of the most played games online following up from its close cousin Clash of Clans. Now, the exciting PvP brawler game is getting an update that will not only draw in thousands of new fans, but get the existing ones giddy with excitement. This is, by far, the biggest update the game is getting and is called the Epic Quest Update - which, by the name you can tell, will bring in Quests for players to complete in order to win gems, cards, and other special items. So, without wasting too much of your playing time, let's see what this update brings to the table.

Quite Obviously - Quests

You will now get rewards for completing objectives that are displayed before you. These Quests come in daily and weekly installments. Some quests are based on how you play the game while others depend on your activity in a clan. On the completion of a certain objective, you win points and gems which are gathered to help you unlock chests. The chests can also vary from Legendary to Super Magical and are absolutely free.

Brand New Modes To Play

Tired of sending your troops to try and break down your enemy's towers? Want something more? Don't worry because the new update brings just that. It was only a few weeks ago that Supercell, the creators released a video showcasing the Touchdown gameplay and now, it is finally here. Boasting a cross between American football, rugby, and Clash Royale, the Touchdown game mode is excitingly cool. Forget about towers, your objective here is to get across the impressive looking pitch and into your enemy's ‘end zone’ to get a touchdown. Sometimes the most unlikeliest of units get through - like an unnoticed ice spirit, which makes it really exciting and frustrating at the same time.

Other modes include Gold Rush and Gem Rush. In these modes, players will receive gold or gems for defeating towers. This way, you can build up your gem count faster. Another exciting game mode that is set to hit mobile devices is Mirror Battles. This will allow you to play with the exact same deck as your opponent. There won't be room for excuses now as it will test your ability and skill directly against another player.

Some Improvements and Card Updates

Sharing a deck or copying one was a rather difficult task earlier as you would have to get complete the game you were playing and get back into it to view it. Now, you can share and copy decks from outside itself - no need to re-enter the game again. Looking to buy or upgrade your cards? Visit the revamped shop that now brings you a free Epic card on Sundays. Along with that, there will be new cards soon, and many cards will be re-balanced for better performance. The update also brings a few bug fixes to help gameplay and loss of connection.

The Clash Royale Epic Quest Update is available right now and should be done by all those looking for that little bit extra from this insanely addictive game.