Meet 23 New Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Shelby Lyn


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On January 23, 2018, Pokemon Go announced 23 additional Pokemon via its Twitter handle. These new Pokemon were first seen in Pokemon Ruby. Though Pokemon Go did not announce the names of the new Pokemon, it provided promotional artwork that showed various new Pokemon. The artwork showed 15 Pokemon.

They were:

  • Aggron;
  • Vibrava;
  • Whimsur;
  • Exploud;
  • Flygon;
  • Numel;
  • Camerupt;
  • Loudred;
  • Trapinch;
  • Lunatone;
  • Aron;
  • Lairon;
  • Solrock; 
  • Cacnea;
  • Cacturne.

There were eight Pokemon which were missing from the promotional artwork. However, there is a speculation that Torkoal, Nosepass, Baltoy could be among these eight Pokemon. Interestingly, all these three Pokemon belong to the desert theme of this wave. 

This new batch of Pokemon marks the fourth wave of Gen 3 Pokemon. The Gen 3 addition was rolled out back in October 2017 during Halloween followed by two major releases in the month of December 2017. After this wave, Pokemon Go will have 35 more Pokemon to complete the whole of the wave. This batch of 35 will have some of the legendary and mythical Pokemon. Now if this batch has the legendary Pokemon, it means that the non-legendary Pokemon will mark their presence in the game probably in the next month.

Pokemon Go has made each and every wave of Gen 3 Pokemon quite unique. Considering the same, the Pokemon Go lovers will likely to see a couple of ‘Shiny Pokemon’ as a part of the gameplay. There are chances that along with these Shiny Pokemon, there could a new Raid Boss or two as well.

There are also guesses and gossips that there will be two new regional Pokemon in the game. This is based on the players’ speculation that Solrock and Lunatone will split up just like Plusle and Minun.