Do you want to educate your cat to litter, not to scratch rugs and furniture or not to bite? Here are our tips!

Correcting bad behaviors in cats: how to do it

In the case of bad behavior in your cat, it is first important to understand the reason. There is always a reason why the cat behaves in a certain way. We must always keep in mind that the cat is an animal that comes from nature, where other rules and laws apply. That the table or sofa also has an aesthetic function, the cat cannot know. Also consider that the cat is a solitary animal, which does not always like to be in company, or – in their eyes – with intruders. For this reason, cats are generally more difficult than dogs, used to living in packs, to adapt to family life.

Reasons why the cat does not use the litter box

If your cat starts peeing at home, try to figure out when he started doing it. Maybe you moved the litter box, changed the type of sand, or forgot to clean it. For the cat, they are more than valid reasons not to go there. But there may also be a medical reason, for example, a urinary infection. Try to understand if the cat feels pain: meowing when peeing is a sign of bladder problems. If in doubt, always consult your vet. Especially if the cat who never got dirty in the house and who knew how to go to the litter box, of white point begins to dirty in the house, there is a medical reason underneath. Even with old age, problems can arise, for example, osteoarthritis, so it becomes more difficult to access the litter box. Then try to change litter by taking a model with lower sides.

Correct the cat who sprays

Spraying is a frequent problem. It is often thought that it is only male cats that spray, but sometimes females too. There are several reasons: the most important one is to want to mark one’s own territory. By spraying, the cat leaves its odor to warn other cats that this is their territory. Cats that live together or close to other cats also spray. And even your clothes or those of your guests who know of another cat can cause your cat to spray. It depends on the cat’s character.

Finally, a change in the environment in which it lives, which is a source of stress in the cat, can also be the reason why the cat sprays. For example the birth of a child, a new partner for the owner, or a move. Read here to know how to correct the cat who sprays.

Scratch or bite

Maybe it has already happened to you: you decided to take that new sofa or that leather armchair, and the next day your cat sharpens his nails on your newly purchased furniture! There may be several reasons, such as wanting to leave your smell on the new furniture; cats also mark their territory by scratching. Another reason may be the need to sharpen your nails. Solve this problem by providing a scratching post to use in place of your furniture. Sometimes scratching or biting is an invitation to play. If your cat jumps on your legs as you pass, it means he wants to play with you. Also read this article, to learn more about the reasons why cats scratch or bite and how to correct these behaviors.

How to correct bad behaviors in cats?

Getting angry and punished may seem like good solutions to us, but generally to correct bad behaviors in cats will have the opposite effect. The cat will fear, stress, and no longer trust man. Therefore, it is better to reward the cat for his good conduct. You can also associate bad behaviors with unpleasant things. But make sure he can’t associate them with you! When your cat sharpens his nails on your sofa or on the carpet, frighten him by dropping a bunch of keys at the same time, but avoiding that the cat notices that it was you who made the noise. Or cover the kitchen worktop with aluminum foil. Cats hate it and will prefer not to jump on it. Another possibility is to spray an unpleasant perfume for the cat in prohibited places, such as lemon.

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