As you play, it happens that your kitten bites your hand or foot. Initially, it could also make your tenderness, but it is still better to correct it from an early age. The bites of an adult cat are not so tender. How to correct the biting cat? Here are our tips!

Bite by instinct

Cats are predators and biting is perfectly normal in hunting. This behavior is deeply instinctive in the cat. By playing, the kittens practice hunting that awaits them as adults, learn how to grab and kill their prey. When your kitten ‘hunts’ your hand or foot, it is actually being practiced. Even adult cats continue to ‘play’ from time to time and it is purely instinctive behavior. It is obviously not very pleasant for you, but luckily you can easily correct your kitty. Simply make him understand that you do not pray, also offering him games to practice at will.

My cat bites often, how come?

However, there may be other reasons why your cat bites, in addition to playing/practicing:

Raised alone

Kittens raised alone will not have learned from their siblings or mother that too strong bites are not part of the game. Instead, they must learn it from the owner. When playing together, do not put your hand too close to the cat’s mouth, to prevent it from taking it between the teeth. Did he grab you anyway? Don’t move your hand or foot and loosen your muscles, the kitten will leave you. If you pull back, however, he would think you’re in the game and become more avid.

The cat is bored

If a kitten stays home alone during the day, it may get boring. When the owner is not there, the kitten could start nibbling things, like the jambs. But even when you come back, it may bite your hand. He does it simply to make you understand that he needs attention. So cuddle your kitten and play together until it gets tired. And when you go out, try to create a more stimulating environment in the house.

Anxiety or pain

Sometimes, the cat can bite with anxiety or pain. Bites are often accompanied by scratching, flattened and pressed backward ears, or even meowing. Always investigate the reason for anxiety and try to solve the problem. If you think your cat is suffering from some pain, consult your vet.

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