The relationship between cats and human beings is very intense and particular, completely different from that which is established between man and dog.

The cat is an independent animal by nature but at the same time, especially if used as a puppy, he can see the man who took care of him as a reference in which to place his trust, just as he did with his mother cat.

For the cat, man is a great cat

The cat who always lives and only at home is the “house cat”, feels relaxed and does not need to get food, so he also lives in a more peaceful way the relationship with the human being who is seen as a cat greater”, to be greeted just as you say goodbye between cats, with the tail straight upwards and rubbing on our legs.

These common reactions are generally applied by smaller cats, or by kittens, towards other adult cats, whom they “respect” and trust.

In the cat’s character, there is always an instinct to hunt but when he lives at home he manages to transfer his desire to hunt in the game especially if urged by its owner.

The cat sees us like a cat mother

A home cat knows how to adapt to the warmth of the home, to comforts, to vices, as well as to the company of human beings, especially to one of the family.

A close relationship is established between the cat and the man just as he did as a puppy with his mother cat.

The cat generally chooses a component of the house as his reference returning to recite the phases of his life in which he was more sociable, in which he asked continuous attention to his mother cat knowing full well that he would be satisfied.

The childhood of the house cat is then relived together with its favorite owner, she cries and meows to ask for food, she crouches on her legs for warmth, she purrs to have more pampering.

In this case, the owner becomes the mother ‘s substitute and with pleasure, he welcomes the cat on his knees just like a cat mother used to do by gathering all the surrounding kittens during breastfeeding.

Often his joy is shown by making pasta just as he did to stimulate milk from his mother’s breasts as a puppy.

Playing with our cat, all we do is mimic the maternal role: mother-cat who brings prey seeds stunned to her kittens to let them play, educating them to the first hunting techniques.

Not in all cases, however, the game of mother-puppy parts is recreated with an adult cat at home.

The cat sees us as a safe presence

The cat owner can also be seen only as a safe presence, in which to place trust.

There is no competition between a cat and a human being as it does not see us as its rivals but as a source of security and support.

Sometimes cats react as they would in front of a partner, which is “being seated in the air” as a sign of availability.

They took us straight in the eye so much that there are those who are afraid of this fixed gaze, but if they close their eyes they are communicating their love, so why not reciprocate?

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