It is generally not very difficult to teach a kitten to go to the litter box. Cats are very clean animals and the kitten will have already learned from the mother how to go to the litter box. To speed up and facilitate education, we offer you some useful tips!

Easily accessible bedding

To teach the kitten not to get dirty at home, it is essential to have the litter box. Try to find the most suitable place, from the kitten’s point of view, where to place it. The litter must be easily accessible, therefore it must neither have too high edges nor be in an unreachable position or near the food bowls. If you have a covered drawer, leave it open at the beginning, to make access easier. The litter box must be in an always accessible room even when you are not at home. If (for example while the kitten is playing) the door closes by mistake, the kitten will not be able to access the litter box and will be forced to pee in a corner, which of course we want to prevent.

Help your kitten not to mess in the house

Some kittens learn less easily, especially if they have been taken away from their mother too early or if they have grown up without their mother. You can help your kitten by placing it in the litter box a few times a day: in the morning, in the evening, and immediately after each meal. These are the moments in which the kitten often has to do the needy. You can stimulate him to ‘go’ by gently rubbing his belly. Even when you notice that the kitten meows or wanders uneasily around the house, you can put it in the litter box for a moment to see if it has to go.

Tip: do not leave clothes or plastic bags lying around. The kitten would think that peeing is allowed on it.

Clean the litter box

Every day you need to clean the litter by removing the cat’s stool. You must also change the sand regularly, after cleaning the litter with water. Cats are clean animals who like to have a clean litter. It is better not to use perfumes because cats don’t like them. If water is not enough for you, you could use water and soda or an unscented detergent.

More bedding

We recommend giving each cat in the family a litter box, plus an extra litter box. We, therefore, recommend two litters for a single cat, three litters for two cats, and so on. Although it is not a real problem to have only one available to the cat if the cats are used to it from an early age. Provided they have at least one each.

Cat already trained in the litter box

Sometimes the kitten has already been trained to go to the litter box by the mother. Better for you. Just ask the breeder what kind of sand the kitten is used to. If you can use it too, the kitten will quickly understand where to do the needy in your home.

The dirty cat in the house

Suddenly your cat starts to get dirty at home, while before he used the litter properly? There can be various reasons. If you suddenly get dirty at home, always consult your vet, as there may be medical reasons, such as a urinary infection or urinary stone.

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