Scratching is a natural behavior of cats. It helps them sharpen their nails, stretch by sinking their claws into the carpet or use them to play with you. Does your cat scratch the furniture? He probably misses the scratching post. Here are some tips to prevent the cat from ruining your furniture by scratching.

Attractive scratching post

The cat needs to sharpen its nails, and therefore to scratch. At home, he will use the sofa, rug, or doormat in front of the door. If you don’t want ruined furniture or other objects in the house, it is useful to buy him a good scratching post. To make it more attractive, in the beginning, you could put some good cat pads on the scratching post or spray some catnip (catnip). As soon as you see that your cat is scratching where it is prohibited, take it and put it near the scratching post.

Why does the cat have to scratch?

There are various reasons why the cat needs to scratch. Knowing the reason why your cat scratches the furniture will help you better understand your feline friend.

Sharpening your nails

It’s not really about sharpening your nails what your cat does. In reality, when cats scratch the hard surfaces, they eliminate the old and worn outer layer of the nails, leaving room for the new, sharp one. Scratching and maintaining nails are part of the cat’s personal hygiene.

Mark your territory

Scratching the cat marks its territory with its smell. In the plantar pads, there are glands that release specific odorous substances. Wild cats preferably leave them on trees.

Decrease stress

Sometimes the cat scratches because he is nervous. For example when there are other cats in the house or if he wants to go out while the door is closed.


After the nap, the cat loves to stretch and often does it by scratching. By placing its paws and claws on the scratching post, the cat manages to stretch well and train the muscles of the front legs. The ideal position for the scratching post is therefore next to your favorite place to sleep!

For all these reasons, a good scratching post is found in the cat-friendly home.

To play

When the cat jumps into your lap and scratches you, he actually tries to invite you to the game.

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