Cats are called solitary animals, which need no companionship. But it’s true? And is it better to have only one cat or several cats keeping company? Here are our tips.

The disposition of the cat

Cats are known for their autonomy. But even if they’re not always as affectionate as dogs, it doesn’t mean that all cats love loneliness. There is no single answer to the question of whether it is better to have only one cat or several cats keeping company. It depends on certain factors, such as the age and character of the cat, but also on the time you have available to devote to your cat.

Kittens and socialization

For small kittens it is important to have a little friend. The behaviors learned during the socialization phase of the kitten are decisive for its behaviors towards other cats in adulthood. Socialization occurs during the first weeks of the kitten’s life. Well socialized kittens will react better to other cats as adults, so it is important for kittens to grow up together with siblings and mother. If you consider adopting multiple kittens, we recommend choosing two from the same litter.

Add a cat to the family

If your adult cat often remains alone at home and you notice that he needs more affection, you can add another cat to your family even if the cat is no longer small. But note that before adopting the new cat, you will have to think already how to resolve the possibility that the two cats do not get along. First let the two cats get to know each other slowly, giving them time to get to know each other and get used to the presence of the other. Make sure you can bring the new cat back to the shelter or find another home, in case the two don’t learn to be together.

How to help the cat who is alone in the house?

Is your cat often alone in the house? Then adjust your home to create a pleasant place for him. For example allowing him to go out and have fun outdoors. Cats love to be entertained. There are even videos designed to entertain cats, such as videos of birds eating bread crumbs in the garden. DIY videos are also fun! Another possibility to entertain your cat during your absence would be to leave the radio on at low volume. Even if cats prefer images combined with sounds: they love to look out the window to observe everything that happens there, so reserve a spot on the windowsill for them.

A cat or two cats?

A cat or two? There is no clear and unique answer to this question. Look carefully at the needs of your cat and be realistic: you are often away from home and have little time to devote to your pet, consider giving him a friend so that your cat does not have to be bored. Also, because this way you can avoid unwanted behaviors in your cat. If your cat adopts unwanted behaviors, he may be suffering from loneliness. It may start scratching the furniture or doing other damage.

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