Socializing your kitten is important in enabling it to become a confident and happy adult cat. Good socialization means that the kitten is accustomed to other animals, to human people, and to the noises that surround him, without becoming anxious or aggressive. It is therefore important to socialize your kitten well! Here’s how to do it.

Why is socialization necessary?

Socialization is necessary to allow your cat to become a confident and meek animal. Often they socialized cat is shy and is afraid of people and animals. Especially if you plan to keep your cat indoors, or if you like to have a cuddly cat, it is important that this process is done in the right way. Although it also depends on your cat’s character if he likes to be pampered or rather be on his.

When can you start socializing your kitten?

The socialization of the kitten begins as soon as it is born. Where he was born and where he spends the first weeks of his life is a determining factor in the formation of the kitten’s character. The kitten born inside the house is immediately surrounded by people and noises. And he’ll probably have a well-socialized mom. This, the kittens notice it and will take behaviors from the mother. Kittens grown outside – in the garage or on farms – are wilder and wilder. To socialize a kitten born outside will take more time and patience. The real socialization of the kitten runs from 4 to 16 weeks of life.

The good example

The mother plays an important role in the socialization process. He teaches his little ones to respect his behavioral rules, and which situations and dangerous things to avoid, and which ones are not. It also teaches him which behaviors are acceptable in the game. If your kitten bites tend to kings during the game, it may be that he left his nest too early. It is important not to move kittens away from the nest before the eighth week of life: by living together with its siblings, the kitten learns to relate correctly to other cats.

Socialize the kitten

If your kitten isn’t socialized well, for example, because her mother was very anxious or because she was abandoned as a child, it’s up to you to socialize. It will take patience and lots of love. You can start the process by slowly getting the kitten used to various new stimuli. You could start with the strokes, more and more frequently, or to regularly brush your kitten. Try to give him the croquettes when he is in your lap and continue to pamper him every day, always lengthening the time a little more.

Do you have multiple cats or other pets in the house? Better not to keep them immediately in the same room, but to gradually get them used to each other. Then it is important that the weaker part, generally the kitten, has an escape route to reach its safe environment. If the process of getting to know one another goes smoothly, you can proceed and introduce the kitten to the other inhabitants of the house: the children and/or your partner. At 16 weeks of age, you could take the kitten in the car in the pet carrier. So when you have to take him to the vet, he will be less afraid, which makes the trip more enjoyable for both him and you!

Keep calm and avoid stress

The most important aspects of the socialization process are calm and constancy. By keeping calm like a master, for example when the kitten is confronted with a new noise, you teach the kitten that there is no need to be afraid. If your kitten is afraid or reacts aggressively to unknown experiences, give him the opportunity to retreat for a moment to his favorite and safe nest. And don’t forget to play with the kitten! So learn that human people are funny and nice companions, and you can establish a close and confident relationship. If your cat manages to play without using his nails or teeth, reward him with a good meal or with delicious croquettes!

Reward instead of punishing

Always try to be positive towards your kitten. Punishment has no effect, on the contrary, your kitten will move away from you. And it is certainly not what you want! Rewarding correct behavior and ignoring negative behavior is the best way to teach him things. In the socialization process, calm, positivity, and a safe and suitable environment for the cat are fundamental.

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