Do you want to let your kitten free to go out? Use it gradually to be outdoors. Also let him out on an empty stomach, especially the first time, so he will go home to eat. Here are some important things to keep in mind when your kitten first comes out.

When will my kitten get out for the first time?

Before being able to go outside, it is important first that the kitten is used to the internal environment of your home so that you can find your way home. This also applies to adult cats, for example after a move by the owner. How long you need to keep the cat inside before letting it out for the first time depends on the animal. Typically, a period of at least four weeks is recommended, although it is helpful to consider your individual cat. Does it make you understand you want to go out? It will mean that he is quicker to get used to, compared to the cat who pulls back as soon as you open the door.

On the other hand, it is highly recommended to castrating / sterilize the kitten before letting it out in the open.

Castrated/spayed cats are less likely to fight or wander, and therefore less involved in road accidents. They lose less easily and hurt less often.

When your kitty goes out for the first time – some tips.

Add it to recognize your voice

Before you let him out, make sure your kitten knows how to recognize your voice. Reward him if he reacts to your voice and if he approaches you when you call him, for example with an exquisite croquette or with cuddles. Start training him inside first.

Don’t feed him shortly before going out

Get the cat out on an empty stomach, so he’ll go home when he gets hungry. A cat with a full stomach returns home later.

Bring it out with the light

Don’t let the kitty out when it’s dark. The darkness stimulates him to hunt and the cat will have less desire to go home. Better get him out early in the morning, before breakfast.

Leave a door or window open

Leave a door or window open, so that your kitten can enter without having to wait in front of the closed door. You could also make a cat flap in the door, although the cat will need to get used to it for a moment.

Keep an eye on him

Look closely at your kitten the first few times he goes out, or rather, go with him and stay close to him.

Cat in the house or garden

You live near a busy street or there are other dangers for your cat near your home, then it is better to keep it inside or inside your garden. Create safety in the garden and create a safe environment inside the house with many possibilities to let off steam for the cat.

Are cats lost?

Cats are used to observing the environment carefully and are not easily lost. They move away from home a little at a time, always a little further away. However, they can be lost when they suddenly get scared, running away without looking where they are going.

Tip: go to the vet for vaccines before getting your kitten out for the first time, since the risk of getting sick with contagious diseases is greater outdoors. He also thinks of regular grooming and deworming the cat who goes outside.

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